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Best of May 2012

Hello Fellow Gallopers,

Thought I’d share with you all a snapshot of my work that has been released during the month of May.

Field of Gold – Captured this image in a Rapeseed Field, Scotland.

Oriental Garden Lizard – Spotted this guy basking in the warm tropical sun during my recent visit to the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Karnataka, India.

Red Damselfly, Scotland.

Gathering Food… The White-throated Dipper also known as the European Dipper, Scotland.

Caught… The Master of Stealth and Precision – Grey Heron, Scotland.

Daisy, Scotland.

Meerkat – Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland.

Mother and Child – Female Mallard with one of her ducklings, Scotland.

A baby White-faced Saki monkey peeking out at the world outside as it rides on its mother’s back. Captured this image at the Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland.

Supermoon 2012 – Scotland.

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Till next time, take care and gallop free.

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