Marine Life – Part 1

Hello Fellow Gallopers,

As the saying goes, ‘Out of sight is out of mind’. Unfortunately, such is the case with Marine Life.

71% of our planet’s surface is Ocean and this vast water body teems with plant and marine life that we hardly get an opportunity to see and enjoy. The only time we are reminded of the variety and beauty of life in our oceans is when we take the time to go to an Aquarium or an Ocean World or when we watch and listen to David Attenborough take us deep into the often unchartered territory of the Blue Planet on one of his many enthralling programmes.

But nothing compares to seeing the beauty of these creatures first hand and I got an opportunity to do just that when I recently visited Deep Sea World – Scotland’s National Aquarium – nestled under the Forth Rail Bridge.

If you liked the images* above and would like to see the rest of the set, please click the link below: (Feel free to leave your comments and feedback either here on the blog or at Smugmug)

Till next time, take care and gallop free.

* – images taken with the Canon 50D.

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