Why Black Stallion?

Hello Fellow Gallopers,

Have been working on a project over the past few days and hence the period of silence.

I have been asked from time to time as to why I chose to call my photography venture Black Stallion. Hence I thought I must explain.

If I could have an Avatar, the closest would be a Black Stallion as I feel that quite a few characteristics of a stallion are embodied in who I am and where I see myself and my work as time progresses. A stallion is a male horse that is majestic and powerful yet submissive and gentle; rugged and wild yet graceful. Stallions achieve the highest level of whichever equine sport they participate in – they are the ‘Best of the Breed’. Stallions are seen as ‘spirited’ creatures – fearless and ready to brave the odds. 

I closely relate to the above – both on a personal and a professional level. On my photographic journey, I aspire to showcase the very best images and hopefully, over time, people will come to recognise my work as being in a ‘class of its own’ just as the stallion is seen as ‘top of its class’. I would love for you to be a part of this journey. So saddle up and let’s go on this journey together.

Wild at heart and galloping free, that’s how I see myself… Hence the name Black Stallion.

Till next time, take care and gallop free.

PS: Oh, by the way, please watch this space tomorrow for an important announcement!!


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