Miscellaneous Shots

Hello Fellow Gallopers,

Brrr… It was cold out there at 5 this morning but it was awesome seeing the sun rise over sleepy Edinburgh. But more on that later.

Thought I’d start our journey off where it all began. My photographic  life started when I acquired my first serious camera – a Canon 350D. Almost all the shots you see in this set have been taken with this camera and almost all the shots have been taken at various places across Scotland.

They do not fall under any particular category and hence entitled Miscellaneous.

Here are a few sample images:

I call this ‘Hope in Winter’. Winter tends to be a cold and grey time of year when everything around you looks gloomy and when I saw these buds hanging off this branch I was reminded that even in bleak times there is always life and a ray of hope.

Captured this shot on a bright sunny and crisp Scottish day. Noticed a swarm of bees going about their job of pollinating the flowers with great diligence and had to capture them at work. Here’s one approaching his place of work!!

Captured this at the Edinburgh Zoo. The tiger is one of the most majestic creatures on the face of the planet. You look at one and you are reminded of the sheer strength and power that they possess. But here’s one that’s just decided it’s better to laze around and take it easy.

If you would like to see more images in this set, feel free to visit the online album by clicking the link below:


Take your time, rate the snaps if you’d like to or leave your comments.

Till next time, take care and gallop free.


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